Cedarbrook Nursing Home Facility Assessment and Future Option Study

Roth Marz Partnership  was retained by Lehigh County to perform a facility assessment and feasibility study of the County's Cedarbrook Nursing Home, a 262,154 square foot 473-bed skilled nursing facility.

The facility assessment involved operationalization of the existing main facility, outbuildings, and site, along with a description of the general conditions of buildings and MEP systems. Recommendations and opinions were then offered related to deficiencies, repairs, replacements, and improvements, along with associated cost estimates.

The feasibility study involved configuring a matrix of options which the County could utilize in the development of a facility master plan. Roth Marz Partnership worked closely with representatives from the County and Good Shepherd, who currently operate the facility for the County. Each option was accompanied by an assessment of the pro's and con's, site parking review, local and state regulation review, and cost estimate. The study is just one of many examples of the broad and rich services and supports available at any and all levels of the architectural process provided by Roth Marz Partnership.