Cathedral Preparatory School: New Gymnasium and Aquatics Center in Erie, PA

Roth Marz Partnership provided architectural design for a new Gymnasium and Aquatic Center at Cathedral Preparatory School. Two new wings were added onto the existing Cathedral Preparatory Event Center that adjoins the school's new football/soccer field and eight-lane all-season running tracks. To the left of Cathedral Preparatory Event Center, a new 31,000 square foot Gymnasium provides a college-regulation basketball court with roll-back seating for 1,800, a three-lane elevated running track and locker rooms. The addition on the right side is a 30,000 square foot Aquatic Center. It houses two pools – one is a deep, eight-lane competition pool, the other is a shallow training pool. The Aquatic Center also includes a 4,000 square foot fitness and training room overlooking the two pools.