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New Ownership Making Big Strides in Changing Image at Former Granada Apartments

New Ownership Making Big Strides in Changing Image at Former Granada Apartments

New Ownership Making Big Strides in Changing Image at Former Granada Apartments, John Last Erie News Now

The complex is now called The Reserve at Millcreek. Millions of dollars are being spent in renovations and improvements.

When the former Granada Apartment complex, in Millcreek, was sold at a sheriff's sale in July of last year, its reputation could not have been lower.  Entire buildings were condemned, and the owner had filed for bankruptcy.  Now, the complex is continuing a big rebound campaign with a new owner and a new name. The downfall for the former Granada Apartments began when a balcony collapsed in June 2016, injuring five people.  Because of that incident, the Millcreek Township Code Enforcement Office conducted an inspection of the entire complex that resulted in the issuing of hundreds of safety violations. Seven

residential buildings were condemned. People were moving out in droves with occupancy at 20%. There’s been a lot of positive changes since then. "We're back up to just over 70% occupied right now,” says Andrew Norris, Director of Leasing. “There's still a ways to go.  It's a big complex to get fully occupied."
The new owner named the complex The Reserve at Millcreek.  Work began almost immediately to renovate the apartments.  New roofs have been placed on 17 of the buildings.  Old sliding glass doors are being replaced. Streets inside the entire complex have been repaved.  Common hallway areas are being renovated including new laundry rooms.   And the issue that initially brought negative publicity to the complex, the balconies...they're being addressed too. "Every single balcony on the complex will be replaced completely with new vinyl railings.  It will just be a brand new balcony for everyone that's currently living here and anyone who's going to be moving in,” said Norris. Crime used to be a big issue at the Granada Apartments.  The new ownership evicted problem tenants and does background checks on potential tenants.  Police statistics are not available, but acting Millcreek Township Code Enforcement Director Caleb Dixon, says fire and ambulance calls at the complex are down by 26%."What may not sound like a lot, without knowing the actual numbers, but that's about 116 calls less so far this year than the last year it was actually the Granada complex,” Dixon said. The management of The Reserve at Millcreek look forward to when all 705 apartments are renovated and occupied. 


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